Minecraft Character

Reviving the Iron Golems

A young witch new to witching tampered with a cursed poppy. Her tampering turned all of the best iron golems of the land into specks of iron trapped in ore. The young witch faced the wrath of the witch council for cursing these gentle giants and her witching abilities were taken away. She's now asked her two human friends to help her free the iron golems, protect them from harm, and redeem her name.

Play Style

Last Updated: 6/22/2020

As friends of the Iron Golems, we are a passive people. We live without killing unless killing is to protect or defend. So far, this has stopped us from relying on passive mobs for survival which made early game incredibly difficult.

We also decided to play sustainably as much as possible, gathering resources that can be replenished easily - using charcoal,kelp instead of coal. Iron Golems are nature lovers, so we can't pluck flowers if we can't replace them.

Image: Cactus Farm (built by friend, decorated together)


Last Updated: 6/22/2020

IWe spawned at a location we didn't like so we ended up travelling thousands of blocks to a wonderful coral reef island with warm ocean and hills all around.

I started building with the idea of fences, lanterns, and poppies in mind and came up with the acacia accented warehouse for the main storage area. I expanded it when we inevitably ran out of space to include the basement (for bulk stores like wood, stone, sand etc) and themed treasure rooms. 

Todo: War room (For fight spoils!) and Nether room (I'm waiting for the glorious nether update)

Images: Warehouse, Basement entry, Earth treasure room, Water treasure room


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