Some of the projects I've been lucky enough to be a part of. 

Producer + Programmer


I loved working on this Mixer Interactive game with my colleagues at Funomena. Along with production and programming, I also got to try my hand at streaming and learnt a lot about both games as a service and games for streaming. 

Lead Producer, Co-Lead Programmer

USC Advanced Game Project

Friendshrimp is a game where  you play as a Mantis Shrimp in cahoots with the desperate aquarium staff as they attempt to capture a chaos-causing rogue shrimp. 

Leading a large remote team of ~30 through this charming project was a joy. 

As a programmer, I got the opportunity to build the non linear narrative system for the game.

This project brings together my love for the ocean and narrative games, so it truly is a passion project I hope to revisit someday.


Creative Director, Lead Producer

USC Advanced Game Development

A thunderstorm is terrifying your human friend. She enlists you, her tiny carpet dwelling protector, to bring light to her.

Struggle was the first game I've ever programmed in Unity. This was a small team of 5 where I was one of two programmers. Being a producer and creative director was an interesting combination of hats and I learnt to juggle narrative and team management.

Other small scale projects


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