Some of the projects I've been lucky enough to be a part of. 

Unreleased Titles

Technical Producer II

Funomena (2018 - Present)

Currently working on some unannounced/unreleased titles as a Technical Producer II. I can't say much about them except that I'm super excited for them to be released! Over the last couple of years I have led talented and multidisciplinary teams of ~15-17 through a few projects - one from pitch to completion and another that's still in the works.


As a technical producer, I managed day to day production, overall development, and built lasting relationships with external partners. 

Image by Gaelle Marcel

Associate Technical Producer

Funomena (Jul - Dec 2018)

I loved working on this Mixer Interactive game with my colleagues at Funomena. Along with production and programming, I also got to try my hand at streaming and learnt a lot about both games as a service and games for streaming. 


Lead Producer, Co-Lead Programmer

USC Advanced Game Project

Friendshrimp is a game where  you play as a Mantis Shrimp in cahoots with the desperate aquarium staff as they attempt to capture a chaos-causing rogue shrimp. 

Leading a large remote team of ~30 through this charming project was a joy. 

As a programmer, I got the opportunity to build the non linear narrative system for the game.

This project brings together my love for the ocean and narrative games, so it truly is a passion project I hope to revisit someday.


Other small scale projects