Minecraft Character


My minecraft builds, thoughts and inspirations. I'm not the best builder but I love doing it and spend a lot of time fussing with these! I play Minecraft Realms with one other person who is excellent at redstone, resources, and survival. I've played in Creative mode for years so I  enjoy building over fighting.

For every new world I like to come up with an overarching narrative that informs play style and aesthetics.

Reviving the Iron Golems

Minecraft Realms

A young witch new to witching tampered with a cursed poppy. Her tampering turned all of the best iron golems of the land into specks of iron trapped in ore. The young witch faced the wrath of the witch council for cursing these gentle giants and her witching abilities were taken away. She's now asked her two human friends to help her free the iron golems, protect them from harm, and redeem her name.