Colorful Yarn


I started knitting in September 2019. I'm still quite new to it, but I absolutely love it. This is a journal/log of my work so far.

06. Winter Washi Blue Speckled Cowl

Date Finished: May 3 2020

I had a beautiful squishy skein of Winter Washi that I wanted to use so I ended up knitting "freehand" just for the fun of it. It was my first time trying the stranded colorwork method and I ended up really liking the weird reverse side.


05. Mismatched Rye socks

Date Finished: Apr 23 2020

I decided to try out DPNs and went for an easy worsted rye sock pattern. Several things went wrong, at some point while turning the heel I was purling instead of knitting but at least it ended up okay. I think the thing about knitting socks is you have to knit two - which I found a bit boring, so this took me a month! Next time I might try doing both at once.


04.  Mermaid Blanket Square

Date Finished: Mar 23 2020

A quick mermaid themed blanket square for a friend. This was my first time doing motifs, and it was super fun!